The Zari collection is underway!

Finally the ‘Zari’ collection, designed in 2011 has been perfected and is soon to be underway in 2013!  The repetitive pattern was inspired by zari, the brocades seen in Indian wedding saris.  Zari is a thread traditionally made of fine gold or silver and is used in Indian, Pakistani and Persian garments.  The thread is woven into fabrics, made of silk to create intricate patterns.  A splash of colour will be added to the collection to reflect the bright colours of the saris.  Once the first pieces ahve been crafted images will be up on the website!


Emerald Green Jade Neckpieces

Finally the beautiful Jade beads I purchased on my travels have been strung into two neckpieces.  The beads are a Nephrite Jade.

Xmas is fast approaching…!

Yes, it is that time of year, when many of us think about what presents to buy family and friends.  Over the next 6 weeks leading up until Christmas, I will be partaking in various contemporary craft fairs.  You can view where I will be exhibiting on the ‘Events‘ page.

The first fair to come up will be at The Barber Institute of Fine Arts in Birmingham.  I will be taking part in their Scandinavian Christmas Craft Fair on Saturday 24th November, 11am – 4pm.  At the exhibition will be my Blue and Star Lotus series, and especially for Christmas, I will be making earrings and pendants using gemstone beads and gem tumble stones.  Prices start from £10.  Perfect!

For more information on the event….click here

A ‘Star’ is born

The new Star Lotus range is now underway, the first piece pictured below is a pair of stud earrings.  The Star Lotus, like the Blue Lotus, has been inspired by historic Indian jewellery.  The Lotus flower is significant in many Eastern cultures and is the national flower of India.  The Star Lotus range, is a smaller two dimensional form of the Blue Lotus and will be available to purchase for Christmas.

Stud earrings

London Jewellery Week and Treasure

Only a few days left until I unveil my new Blue Lotus collection!  The pieces are made, the packaging is bought, the cabinet and lighting are sorted, my train ticket is booked, now the fun bit, deciding what to wear for the Treasure show!  London Jewellery Week started today and is on untill 12th June, for more information about what events are on click here.  I will see you down in London!  Treasure here I come!

Pieces available @ Treasure London Jewellery Week 2011

Some of the pieces available to buy during the Treasure LJW show have been added to the ‘Blue Lotus Collection‘ page on my website.  The collection will also include three statement pieces; a bangle which has been featured in April’s Professional Jeweller magazine and on Adorn London’s blog, a brooch and a cocktail ring.  More pieces still to come!

The pieces are made using sterling silver with a textured finish.  A single small diamond will be set in the centre of each lotus flower motif.  The collection can be made in 18K gold on commission.

Drop earrings

Blue Lotus Bangle

This bangle is from the Blue Lotus collection; inspired from Art Deco and Mughal architecture, the piece has been created to reflect the three dimensional lines present in these structures. The piece has been made in sterling silver, but comes in 18K yellow, white and red gold. The Blue Lotus collection is the next collection I am working on, and once complete all works will be available on my website.


Blue Lotus and JIIC

I am working with the Jewellery Industry Innovation Centre in the Jewellery Quarter on my new collection, Blue Lotus.  I am working with the Computed-Aided Design (CAD) team to produce 4 pieces; which will include earrings, bangles, pendants and rings.  The Blue Lotus collection is a mix of both Eastern and Western influences.  The CAD team used JewelCAD to draw up my designs.  This is the first time I have used CAD/CAM in my work.

The image below shows one of the CAD drawings.