The Zari collection is underway!

Finally the ‘Zari’ collection, designed in 2011 has been perfected and is soon to be underway in 2013!  The repetitive pattern was inspired by zari, the brocades seen in Indian wedding saris.  Zari is a thread traditionally made of fine gold or silver and is used in Indian, Pakistani and Persian garments.  The thread is woven into fabrics, made of silk to create intricate patterns.  A splash of colour will be added to the collection to reflect the bright colours of the saris.  Once the first pieces ahve been crafted images will be up on the website!


A Single Pebble

I chose to design and make a ring based on natural form.  I looked at rocks, boulders, stones and pebbles.  As a Chemistry Teacher, I have done many experiments involving the weathering of rocks.  I liked the appearance of the patterns formed during the process of chemical and physical weathering, and wanted to reflect this in my design.  The pattern looked like miniature craters.  The ring could either be highly polished, gold plated or the surface oxidised or patinated.  Stones could be set such as blue topaz to represent the sea.