mac Birmingham Winter Marketplace

macTomorrow I will be selling my jewellery at the mac in Birmingham.  The Marketplace is a contemporary craft fair showcasing various designer/makers.  The event is free entry and is open from 11am to 5pm.  I will also be at exhibiting on Saturday 15th December.  All work will be on sale including the Lombok Pearl and Emerald Green Jade necklaces.


Xmas is fast approaching…!

Yes, it is that time of year, when many of us think about what presents to buy family and friends.  Over the next 6 weeks leading up until Christmas, I will be partaking in various contemporary craft fairs.  You can view where I will be exhibiting on the ‘Events‘ page.

The first fair to come up will be at The Barber Institute of Fine Arts in Birmingham.  I will be taking part in their Scandinavian Christmas Craft Fair on Saturday 24th November, 11am – 4pm.  At the exhibition will be my Blue and Star Lotus series, and especially for Christmas, I will be making earrings and pendants using gemstone beads and gem tumble stones.  Prices start from £10.  Perfect!

For more information on the event….click here

British Craft Trade Fair Harrogate 2011

I will be exhibiting my Urban collection at the Harrogate trade fair from 3-5th April.  I will be on stand number 295 with Design Space.  The Urban collection is a unique body of work that incorporates 3 forms of artistic mediums; jewellery, street art and photography.  The photographs were taken and edited by myself during personal travel.  The collection is ideal for those who like to show their creative side and enjoy wearing colour, which is one of the trends for 2011-12.  The collection is handcrafted in sterling silver.

The ‘Dreamer’

For this piece I wanted to work with a cabochon moonstone that I had bought in India. This stone is supposed to be a “lovers’ stone”, evoking feelings and protecting the true joys of love. So like the Taj Mahal; which was constructed by a Mughal emperor for his beloved wife, I decided to design and create an architectural piece for my “lovers’ stone”.

The moonstone is recognised by its enchanting play of light and has a mysterious shimmer which makes it look different when the stone is moved. To maximise this effect in my ring, I wanted to create an open structure to enable the light to enter and hit the surfaces of the stone. A bird’s eye view of the ring represents an open lotus flower.

The ring was entered for the Marcia Lanyon Innovative Design Awards 2010 and the EC One ‘Unsigned’ Graduate Jewellery Design Competition 2010.

“If there is one place on the face of the earth where all the dreams of living men have found a home from the very earliest days when man began the dream of existence, it is India”…Life of Ramakrishna, Romain Rolland, 1929


This piece is an ornamental lamp.

The inspiration for this piece came from my recent trip to India.  After visiting many temples, I decided to base my design on an Indian oil lamp.  In Hinduism, an oil lamp is lit to symbolise hope.  Hindus pray that God will bring light into their lives.

The Welsh Love Spoon, carved in wood, has intertwining handles.  I wanted to incorporate the intertwining handle into my eastern design.

For the head of the spoon, I wanted to look at different shapes and not have the circular or oval designs regularly seen.  For these I got my inspiration from the henna and kolam designs.  I chose an abstract version of Ganesh’s (Elephant God) head; I thought this was apt as this piece was meant for a religious purpose.

Instead of using ghee (Indian oil) and a wick, fibre optic lighting could be placed in the head.  A  lightsource or lamp would need to be used to illuminate these fibres.  The head of the piece can also fit a small candle or camphor.

A Single Pebble

I chose to design and make a ring based on natural form.  I looked at rocks, boulders, stones and pebbles.  As a Chemistry Teacher, I have done many experiments involving the weathering of rocks.  I liked the appearance of the patterns formed during the process of chemical and physical weathering, and wanted to reflect this in my design.  The pattern looked like miniature craters.  The ring could either be highly polished, gold plated or the surface oxidised or patinated.  Stones could be set such as blue topaz to represent the sea.

The Stack

For this piece I chose to concentrate my design on the Memphis style.  I decided to base my piece on glass works designed by Ettore Sottass. I liked the vibrant colour as well as the way each of the hollow shapes stack on top of each other to give a whole new form. Some of the hollow forms were random, which encouraged me to look at dissecting whole geometric hollow shapes such as a cube, cone and sphere into more abstract shapes.

I decided to make a pin which can be worn on a tie or lapel for both men and women.  The piece is made from sterling silver.