Best of British Open Call Event

On Saturday 20th August thousands of designer/makers braved the elements and queued for several hours outside Liberty in London for their open call event.  Me and some of my fellow Design Spacers were amongst them.  We travelled down to London early and decided to start queuing even though the doors were not opened until 9.30am.  When we arrived at the store at 7.30am there was already a small queue forming.  When the doors opened we were one of the first groups who were in waiting to make our pitch.  We signed ourselves in and were both excited and nervous about meeting the jewellery buyers.  The pitches started at 10am so we waited our turn.  This moment finally came, having been sat for nearly 3 hours.  I had to pitch my collection to two buyers, whom at the time, I did not realise were assistant buyers in beauty.  I had my 3 minutes and the buyers were nice when they said ‘no’ and gave me some feedback.  I was told to go ‘bigger’ and ‘bolder’.  Overall I was very disappointed, not for being told ‘no’, but having not met the relevant buyers after waiting for so long and making the effort to travel down to London to take part.  I do wish that we were told that the jewellery buyers would not be there prior to the actual day, as if I knew I would not have gone down.

The footage shows the extent of the many people who were there to pitch their products.