The Hand of Darwin

My medal was designed to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Charles Darwin’s controversial book ‘On the Origin of Species’.  Most religions including Christianity state that earth and its inhabitants were created by God.  In his book, Darwin stated “from so simple a beginning endless forms most beautiful and wonderful have been, and are being, evolved”.  Despite 150 years of evidence supporting this theory, and being accepted by scientists, many people today still remain sceptical.  In 2009 The Church of England and The Vatican finally acknowledged Darwin’s theory saying “the idea of evolution has a place in Christian theology”.  ‘The Hand of God’ is pointing to the other side of the medal, which is shaped like a crucifix with this quote from Darwin’s book.  My medal celebrates this union of science and religion.

The medal was cast in bronze and then patinated.

The medal was entered for the BAMS Student Medal Project and exhibited at the National Museum of Wales, Cardiff, April-May 2010.