This piece is an ornamental lamp.

The inspiration for this piece came from my recent trip to India.  After visiting many temples, I decided to base my design on an Indian oil lamp.  In Hinduism, an oil lamp is lit to symbolise hope.  Hindus pray that God will bring light into their lives.

The Welsh Love Spoon, carved in wood, has intertwining handles.  I wanted to incorporate the intertwining handle into my eastern design.

For the head of the spoon, I wanted to look at different shapes and not have the circular or oval designs regularly seen.  For these I got my inspiration from the henna and kolam designs.  I chose an abstract version of Ganesh’s (Elephant God) head; I thought this was apt as this piece was meant for a religious purpose.

Instead of using ghee (Indian oil) and a wick, fibre optic lighting could be placed in the head.  A  lightsource or lamp would need to be used to illuminate these fibres.  The head of the piece can also fit a small candle or camphor.